Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Easy Way to Make Offline Money

The want for money is never ending. Everybody is looking out for opportunities to earn additional income.

A non technical definition of Additional Money: Anything extra that you earn other than your monthly salary/paycheck is Additional money.
This additional Money will help you in getting closer to your Goal financial Independence.   The earlier you get to this point the better. You no longer have to work once you achieve financial independence. Let me emphasis we are not discussing how to earn Passive Income.
Most of you who are reading this article might tend to agree upon one fact that the profession you are in, is not out of your choice. In other words you are into this profession because your parents or your elders wanted this for you.  Peer Pressure, Parent Pressure will force you to choose a path that was never your choice. I don’t say that the Path they have chosen for us is not Right.
One of my Friend Rajesh, a software Engineer earning a handsome salary. Today Rajesh is in Software Profession not because he aspired; it was because his dad wanted him to become a software engineer. I know Rajesh always had the zeal to become photographer. He always liked capturing beautiful things in his Nikkon Camera.
Every photo had some kind of WOW factor in it. Photography was Rajesh’s Passion. If you look around you will find many Rajesh with a big mismatch in their current profession and their aspirations. 
Tap your hidden talent; Give yourself another chance to do something that you wanted to. This does not mean you give up your existing JOB.  Your existing Job has given you the security and respect in this society. Use your weekends, spare time to do something that you aspired to. When you spend time doing something you like, you love doing it. In turn this might give you an opportunity to earn some decent money, the “Additional Money”
Two ways you can make money. “Make Money Online” and “Make Money Offline”. Scope of this article is focus on” TIPS to make additional money Offline”
  • Photography:  People like Rajesh, who are in love with their Camera. They Love everything they do with their camera. They don’t mind cleaning it the whole dayJ.   This hobby can get you loads of money.If you are skilled photographer, you can go ahead and teach photography.  Many parents are looking somebody to capture their kid’s smile in camera.  Photographers charge 10K to 20K for 3 hours photo shoot.  If you offer 5 k for 3 hours shoot, you can get lots of clients. Playing with Kids is always fun and also get you some nice money. 6 hours over weekend, will fetch you 40 K per month.
  • Yoga teaching : Yoga is the Indian export to western world for well being. Career options that will help your wellbeing as well earn money. You will need to undergo professional training before starting the workshops. One can take 2 sessions in a day very easily. 4 batches every week spending 2 hrs each day. Normally the fee is 1K per month. With 10 people in one batch, you earn chance of making of 40k a month..Isn’t it close to what we get for a day long job…sometimes weekends also?. Not having to say that you would look much younger J
  • Guest lecturer : One can teach part time and over the weekend mostly technical either in s/w training institution or Engg colleges or even at competitive exam coaching centers like CAT. In general you get paid per session bases. So if a coaching center can pay you 500 to 1k per session, 2 (session per week) * 4(week) =8k. Which can be major part of the rent you pay or the EMI for the new house or even be made in to RD which will earn a lump sum amount of 1.14L(approx) at the end of a year…Think about it…
  • Recreational yoga : Recreational yoga is yoga for special needs for ex, pregnancy yoga, yoga with people having specific problems like Back ache, Asthma etc. These sessions are general one timers or for short duration. One can tie up with Ayurvedic centers/doctors and can take sessions on call. These are generally conducted in weekends for an hour or two. This can easily get you around 8K per month.
  • Nutritionist :This is one of the leading money making Mantra in market off late. With increase in awareness for healthy life style, well being...People are looking at simple guidance for food habits and changes. If one can go in for courses on Nutrition and tie up with gyms/wellness centers this can be one of the great options.
  • Catering : Many of us are cooking freaks…We like to experiment, try new stuffs. One can think of catering business in collaboration with like minded people. It will be difficult to manage alone; Best option would be partnership with a friend who can devote more time. It can work out a great revenue means if you have contacts with hostels, PG’s, etc.
  • Super Market in Small Cities : One of the options for people with good risk appetite is to invest in direct business in partnership. One can start a super market in small cities with partnership of local friends who are into business.  Bring in the metro ideas to small cities with local people and in consent with local needs.
  • Having fun with kids : This is more of hobby dependent, if one is interested in dance, Music, Teaching for Kids. Revenue won’t be the main outcome, but it is more of having fun with kids and spending quality time exploring the hobbies.  If you can get a batch of 15 people, spending an hour/day, you can earn 7.5 k per month
  • Teaching Art/Crafts : Many of s/w professionals are multi talented. Some of you might be very good at painting, flower art, etc. This hobby can given a professional touch and nourished in free time. Some attention and time dedicated to marketing and detailing one can get you nice bucks.
  • Developing small handy s/w products : Some software Engineers are so passionate about coding, they always in front of their computer. Such hard core techies can think of diverting this interest/passion into ways of making money. One can come up with small products such as attendance/school management system for small schools. With growing number of schools, Marketing won’t be challenging task. If you can sell one product license for as small as 5K, to schools around and in rural areas or non metro cities, eventually it will generate good enough extra income.
Please share your expereinces of making additional Money.   


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