Sunday, 22 January 2012

Give Me Another Chance

Remember the song from one of the highest grosser on the box office  -" 3 Idiots" Give me some sun shine, Give me some rain, GIVE ME ANOTHER CHANCE I WANT TO GROW UP ONCE AGAIN...

The first thought that comes to many of us, is "Our Childhood”, where in we all grew up to face and succeed in this competitive world. How many of us feel that “Wish I had another Chance”. Many of us would say “GIVE ME ANOTHER CHANCE I WANT TO GROW UP ONCE AGAIN... “. I am sure lot of us would like to grow up again or at least alter the path they took for a better present.

You may not able to change the past or path you have taken, however you can plan and carve future journey for better ending.   NOW is the "THE TIME", how you act Today will be deciding the coming future.

All that we have is one life and there is no second chance. The time that is lost cannot be retracted. Recently came across a common mail chain to save trees, It read "BEST TIME TO PLANT TREES WAS 20 YEARS BACK, SECOND BEST CHANGE IS TODAY!!!! "

The quote looked simple, But it did provoke a thought process,

Imagine the day you retire and somebody in your organization is giving a farewell speech that captures your competitive capabilities, your dedication and finally thanking you for valuable contributions for the company. You would be acknowledged as one of the best employee etc etc…   

You would be proud of completing this long journey successfully.  There is a sense of fulfillment, achievement in what you have been doing all these year. Like any common man you would have spent major chunk of your life working to earn monthly paycheck.  You are all excited about the new journey, you are no more committed to office timelines, you would be away from project deadline pressure, no more late night working ,don’t have to suffer yourself in traffic signals and the list goes on and on. 

From this very day you are all free… You dream of doing everything you wanted and you job or commitments did not allow you to do it. With this new journey there comes another reality, the reality of you not getting your monthly paycheck, reality of increasing medical expenses. You and your family will totally be dependent on the wealth you have created so far.

Yes I mean it. At the end of the day all that counts is the amount of Wealth U Create. The scope of this article is NOT focusing on ways/how to create wealth. For this we have the entire blog that is dedicated for detailing ideas/information on how to create wealth.

DO you agree that "Wealth U Created" would be the biggest evaluation parameter when you retire?"


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