Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sale!!! Sale!!! Most Awaited Sale of the Year!!!


How many of us aren’t attracted by the big banners, the weekend special edition of news papers, RJ announcing the special viewing of “n" number of super stores sales. Well most of us or at least 80% of us tend to fall for these yearend /End of Season sales.
Are they genuine?  Are you buying because it is available on Sale? Or you really need it? Is the price really worth?
Here are some of the kinds of sales that we come across in general.
·     Sale preview
-Early Bird Gets the Fish. Day 1 Sale Offer - Only for customer having a privileged card. Grab all the cream before we open for common public.
·     End Of Seasons sales
-Winter is ending and store wanted to get rid of excess and random sized winter wear. Do you buy umbrella after the rainy season? People are crazily waiting for End of Season sale. I don’t understand the need for buying a sweater when the winter season is over and summer to begin? Buy it when you need it, not when you don’t need it.
·     Half price sale, Up to % Sale and So on...
Let me walk through a few of my own and my friends experience of buying stuffs in Sales:
I happen to buy a Jacket from one of the well known brand for 1.5k, after a month a leading superstores (A Stores with multiple brands) announced the upto 50% sales. My colleague got a sms for sale preview. This was enough to tempt us to go on the very same day.
To my astonishment, the same Jacket is on 30% off. I was literally shattered for having paid an exorbitant amount just a month ago. I enquired the sales guy. He mentioned that, this is end of the season sale. They have random sizes left over in winter collection, which they want to get rid of before the summer collection is on store. I was like, Fine…This is a genuine sale. If you are lucky you will find your size on sale.
Couple of months later in Year End sale, I saw a neat dress which was priced 2.5K before the sale and now it was for 30% less. I was quick enough to grab with in fraction of second. I asked the Sales Guy if I could get different set/size. The Sale Guy said, this is the only Piece that is left. I remembered the last sale conversation. Without thinking twice I picked it up. As I had tried it earlier, I did not bother to try it again. I was very happy to have paid 30% less for something I had really liked and could afford it earlier.                     
I kept this dress for a special day that a month later. Then on the special day I was all excited to wear the new dress. The Excitement did not last long; I soon realized dress in reality quite smaller than what was tagged on the dress. It was at least smaller by couple of inches. I felt cheated, but I was to blame none but myself.  I should have tried it before picking. But how many of us try when buying same brand and same size over years. Thanks to long queues in trail rooms and billing sections during sale time.
The word discount makes people buy just because it is available at little lesser price. In reality this might not be the case.  Buying in Sale is like Viral fever. You like what others are holding. The moment other drops it down you put it in your bag. General trend is you buy 25% more clothes in Sale than if you were to shop in store that does not have any Sale.
Few lessons learnt in my various sales expeditions:
·   Always and always try the complete set before buying.
·   Very importantly, check for the damages. It is likely that you will find minor damage, you are lucky if you find only minor one.
·   Compare the price on sale and before sale. Many shops cheat by inflating the price and then giving discount on the inflated price
·    If you have time, Visit more than one sale and see how much each brand is offering on sale.
·    Never visit sales on weekends and evening hours. Always have sometime in hand while you are exploring.
 Do you still think Shopping in Sale Makes More sense? 


Gaurav said...

Yes shopping in sale is the most intelligent act, it actually depends from where you are purchasing. These days all the big chains put up end of season sale and believe me they are genuine. They will never want to tarnish there image in the market just for the sake of making money. If you are smart enough one can save lot of money by going for shopping in sale. I personally always wait for the end of the season sale and buy the stuff I require for next year. Infact I buy clothes to be given as gifts to friends & relatives on birthdays & other special ocassions, you get a good feeling when you gift someone a shirt with a tag of 2K which you bought for 1K :-)
So to sum up I would say be smart and shop in sale season but make sure you try it and you like it, just dont buy coz its available at 50% discount.

WealthUCreate said...

Agree with you boss. As long as you are cauitous and you know how much is the actual price, you should be able to get good deals. I usually buy shoes in discounts/factory outlets.

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