Friday, 3 February 2012

Simple Kitchen Tips: Simple ways to Save Money in Kitchen

Well, all of us have basic needs. You can’t really think of saving from basic needs. But one can carefully watch out on what is coming in to your kitchen which is burning holes in your pockets.
With increasing cost of living in urban India, It makes sense to spend few hours in a month to budget out the grocery, house hold needs and buy wisely. We can cut down on unnecessary stuff which we buy and eventually which will go in bins. Either because you never remembered you had it or you just did not get time to cook that special dish.
Over a weekend we happen to visit my one my friends, his wife had prepared suji pasta with rich tomato gravy. The pasta was awesome and we did enjoy every bit of it. What followed is quite obvious. We started discussing the recipe. She mentioned about the cherry tomatoes, white onions and the special suji pasta she used. My wife jotted down the recipe and as you all can guess, the next grocery shopping list was augmented with the Pasta necessities. Let me tell you guys, neither am me or my  wife are  big fan of pasta nor any of my family members. Never in my life have we had cooked pasta.
Next month grocery shopping, we ended up buying suji pasta 200Rs) , White onions(double the price of normal onions) , cherry tomatoes (can’t even compare the prices of normal local grown tomatoes).This increased grocery bill by XYZ amount. But the thrill and the finger licking episode was still fresh on our mind. We returned home, Settled down the grocery and were looking forward for some free time to try our hands on the pasta recipe. Eventually, that day never came and before we could see next time onions and tomatoes were either used up for something else or rotten.
This isn’t exactly impulsive shopping. Had we visited the best Italian restaurant, we could have had pasta without dirtying our hands and also spent lesser money.
We also end up shopping a lot of unnecessary stuff when we go to super market without a list. We keep thinking of what all we need and end up buying everything we don’t need. On returning home we see the empty dabba of necessary stuff, Again end up running to nearest grocery shop who charges a premium money for smallest of smallest thing like Jeera(Cumin seeds).
Here are few handy Tips:
1. Stock up the bare minimum year all grains. For Ex rice.the older the rice is,the better it is.It is very important to stock it with right amount of preservatives. Otherwise next time you open the rice container, You will only find flies and no rice.
2.Have a stick note on kitchen cabinet. Go on writing the things that are about to get over as and when you observe. For Ex, When you are giving tadka ,You know Mustard is getting over. So Mustrad goes right into the list on post it.
3. Always carry a list while you go on monthly grocery shopping.
4. Buy the next quality products. They will last more than the cheaper and older versions

And the list goes on…
Super Markets are the best place to buy, provided you stick to the need based buying. Super market sells vegetables cheaper than the local cart fellow. Stuffs like Kitchen towels, baby wipes, toilet tissues are all available on discounted price in these stores when compared to the grocery store in your lane.  Be watchful about the “Buy one Get one free” offer. Don’t be impulsive, watch the expiry date. They might not matter much when it is wet wipes or so… but be careful when you grabbing Ketchup/Jam bottles available in “Buy One Get One Free” offer. Friend’s information is the key.
When you know what you need, where you will buy, how much you should buy and how long it lasts. Awareness of offers "Saal Ke Sabse Sastee Din", "Wednesday Bazzar"  "Ate ke saath Tel Free offers", etc can help you in reducing your grocery bill.

Do you think Super Markets are the best place to buy? Share your kitchen Tips


Sujatha Sathya said...

yay! i do all of this! the list, the stocking, the offers etc and once in a while i do the pasta kind of blunders too :DDD though i have cut down on that :)
for example,last month i bought a "icing sugar" packet which is still lying there. though the cake was made & eaten i couldn't use the icing sugar on it because the particular equipment for puuring in the sugar wasn't there!!!!

WealthUCreate said...

Hmmm...Past kind of events really burn your pockets. I remember the Yellow color capsicum, we ended up paying bomb price and never got time to prepare the salad. Simple reason one of the ingredent was missing.....

There is lots of scope to save money in kitchen if we spend smartly

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