Thursday, 29 March 2012

Best Interest Rates for Fixed Deposits- Bank Fixed Deposits

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Right Strategy for investment is to have Right amount of exposure to Safe products and Risk oriented products. When is it comes to investment in Safe Products, Fixed Deposits offered by Banks cannot be ignored.
Traditionally Fixed Deposits have been termed as product that would give you decent risk free returns. Unlike Liquid funds, interest rate for fixed deposits is same for the entire deposit tenure. Every bank offers fixed deposits. The biggest challenge for individual investor is to identify the banks that are offering best interest rates.
The scope of this article is providing information of Banks providing Best Interest Rates.

Here is the chart that best interest rates provided by Banks
Fixed Deposits- General
Interest Rates

 Non Senior
 Senior Citizen.

DhanaLakshmi Bank
Karur Vysya Bank
South Indian Bank
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Fixed Deposits- Tax Saving
Interest Rate

Non Senior
Senior Citizen

Dhanalakshmi Bank
United Bank of India
Karnataka Bank

 Updated on : 11-05-2012
I intend to keep this information/data as fresh as I can. The exigent part is, the banks frequently change the interest rates. I would request readers to inform by adding thier comments, if they know any bank, offering better interest rates than that is shown in above chart. Note: Cooperative banks are not being considered.
Are you willing to help me out to keep this data up to date? Please let me know if you know any other bank that is offering better interest rates?


Ram said...

I found comparisons regarding interest rates offered by different banks a little moot. I can only open a FD in the bank in which I have an account (for ease of liquidity), right?

Or can I just go to any bank and open an FD? If I do, I still have to visit the branch to liquidate it, right?

WealthUCreate said...

Ram, Some banks do insist on having savings account. However, there are quite a lot of banks that provide Fixed Deposits without having savings acount with them.

Regarding Visit Branch: Some banks have online facility. You may have to visit the branch once the FD matures. Well it is one time activity right?

Willing to clarify if you have any other questions.

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